Little Messages…..

FullSizeRenderAs the New Year is upon us, we hold wishes for opportunities to start over, be new, refresh, rejuvenate.  There are bright clean slates and old tossed away scenarios.  There is promise and a seeking of answers. We look for markers on the journey. Affirmations of truth and of something being worthwhile. Let’s remember, there are no guarantees on anything we try or dream of. But in this new year here is a reminder to listen to the nudges, the coincidences, the messages. These will guide you and take you to where you are meant to be at any given time.  Go with the jet stream… not against it.  In times of transition, especially, be in tune to the messages being delivered to you in the most unique and unexpected ways…. a dream, a song, a photo.  Every blessing is out there and really, so is every answer.  Trust the “something more” whatever that is to you. And move into 2016 with hope and promise of all that awaits you in the days and months ahead.

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