Hope springs eternal…” Alexander Pope, from An Essay on Man, 1735

We are asked at the end of winter to just hang in there for another few weeks, a month or so to really see that things will be changing.  With Easter Sunday in late March this year….the waiting may seem a bit longer.  An April Easter always brings reminders of a fuller Spring…trees blooming, green grass replenishing, life returning.  But truly we are blessed this Spring.  We did not have to chisel out of an endless, dark winter like last year’s.  Already daffodils are in full bloom and tulips not too far behind.  Last March 27 there was still a heavy coat of snow on the ground.   We were weary.  This year, we were spared.  While it is still early Spring, there is waiting for a full bloomed Spring to be realized.  A new fresh start almost within grasp.  A freedom and belief that things can and will change and move forward.

In conversations this past month in person, email, text, phone calls…connecting with friends and family on my journey, it is clear to me that many are waiting for something. Transition is in the air.  All that we do in the time before a transition is what will keep us balanced and productive. Waiting. Waiting. Hearing about a new job, selling a house, buying a house, planning a wedding, moving to a new city, going on a first date, trying gracefully to break apart, waiting to have a baby, healing from illness, graduating soon, starting over, believing you can, praying you will….

What did the poet, Alexander Pope mean when he wrote hope springs eternal  — a phrase from his poem that has been recited and studied for hundreds of years?  Poetry is such that each line can be felt and reflected on as we need it to.  But in this line most would agree that even in the face of adversity and against the odds, hope is the guiding thread.  And with hope there is trust.  These two are the bookends really that take us through our days if we allow them to. Take a moment on this day and everyday to quietly say to yourself that you believe.  And that you trust.

One month from today the landscape will not look like today’s.  Two months, six months — a year.  Transition in life is inevitable and uncomfortable.  We receive a nudge, an idea…we make plans.  But in fear we second guess and revisit.  We change our minds.  But in the end the Universe pushes and nudges and wins.  And fear turns to excitement and energy.  My goddaughter (love you Jenna) just started her new life in Texas.  She can tell you all about trust and hope and starting on a new journey that now finds her in the place in her life where she is meant to be.  Blessings to everyone waiting to be happy or peaceful or free.  Waiting to move on and start over…  The Universe will get you there.  But we can’t force the timing and the process.  Living in the waiting is hard. And requires….Patience. Trust. Hope.

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