Everything is set.

The nursery. The bassinet. The stroller. The diapers. The books and the bunnies and the bears.


In the waiting an unwelcome visitor taps its toes.


There’s that worry interrupting the waiting.

So many worries.

Assuage the worries with quiet and rest.


Sleep now as your sleep will be delivered in fragments soon. Worry not. Sleep.

Be brave.

Dig deep.

Energy will find you.

And so will peace.


You are waiting for the greatest blessing of all, and the hardest job in the world to begin.

You were chosen. Both of you.

In this waiting—




Soon the waiting will be over.

And the greatest love story of all will begin.

Soon. A few more sunrises.

Soon and the waiting will be over.

For my nephew, Joseph and his wife, Jessica 4.24.23

Nota bene ~ Welcome Joseph Stephen 4.30.23 at 2:09am

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