Teapots…being welcomed and well received…

Thanks to all of the first readers of TEAPOTS over the past couple of months…your comments and thoughtful reception of the book is very  much appreciated.  Every reader comes to the book with a different set of experiences.  While the story is led by a 12-year-old main character, I’ve recently had adults of all ages say how much the book meant to them…how it helped them reflect on losses and new starts.  One friend who lost his wife only last year (she was also a friend of mine) at the way too young age of 63, sent me a note saying:  “very touching and realistic, tears were flowing with different thoughts running through my mind.  It is not just a children’s book, but for adults as well…this is an awesome, outstanding, special book…”    To know a friend and reader was touched in this way honors why writers write, why we help carry people we know and some we do not know in our hearts and minds for a little part of each our journeys.

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