All the little things…how a story begins.

Many people continue to ask…are your characters real from your life? Did these things really happen?   Is there really a beach cottage community?  Are you Sophia?

The wonderful thing about writing fiction is that it really is your story and you can create and develop and borrow.  There is no one actual exact character or place in TEAPOTS.  The story really is a composite of so many places and people and times in my life and others lives…all blended together.  The result of this blending resulted in TEAPOTS.


The scene of INDIGO COVE in TEAPOTS was in part from my imagination and from this actual place at the southern New Hampshire seacoast that my family and I have visited for many years.  But the cottage community is a blend of cottages we once visited actually on a lake farther north in New Hampshire.  Funny the places and scenes that stick with you to be called upon at some other place in time.


This little garden is what I had in my mind’s eye because the houses are very close together. The photo is taken from the steps of one house looking into the other beach house’s garden.  So that’s where the scene of Sophia seeing Poppy and Tessie talking outside by the fire began in my ideas.

to be continued…



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