Believing in the signs

Do you believe in receiving signs?  There is no doubt for me that signs and messages are everywhere! They really are. How we interpret happening upon a sign is different for everyone. While working on TEAPOTS, and even in the big decision months of whether to independently publish or keep sending to traditional publishers, there were subtle signs gently guiding me along.  Sometimes even hitting me over the head!  What are you waiting for?

This button pictured below was found on a walking path I travel often along the ocean. We often see seashells and rocks and feathers, etc. But buttons are not a natural thing to see on a walking path by the beach. Sure you can be logical and say “well, someone lost a button from their jacket and it fell on the path.” Being too logical, and having singular black and white thinking, will not allow for anyone to believe or accept the signs..  Buttons are such a main focal point of my story in a few different ways.   Memi leaves Sophia five little things, one being a button, and each one has a meaning and even a deeper secondary meaning. At the very time I was walking and thinking about the future of my story still in manuscript form, I happened upon this button on the path. Hmmm, I’d say that was a sign. One of the many, many signs I believe in. And I believe are messages from a Greater Place and a place from inside. Be open to the signs and messages. You can make the signs real for yourself and believe in them. Will write again on this fascinating topic! At least fascinating to me!


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