How Blended Locations Create Setting

Setting is truly another character in the story!  The sights and smells and sounds all bring the reader into the story giving the words a framework for being told.  The scaffolding.  As mentioned in a previous post on how a story begins, the beauty of fiction is you really get to borrow and mold and create for the purposes of your story vision.   The primary setting of TEAPOTS is a beach community where a circle of cottages all “spill out” into a main circle area so to speak.  Years ago I visited a cottage community in New Hampshire but the cottages were nestled amid tall pine trees, lots of them.  What always stayed in my memory was the proximity of  the cottages.  Families could talk porch to porch and got to know each other summer after summer.  Summer after summer just like Sophia and Thomas.  So really what I did with the blank sheet and pen ( or maybe pencil that day ) was create a setting from two very distinct places in my far and recent memory.   Thanks to my sister-in-law for sharing recent photos from that cottage circle from her lake vacation a couple of weeks back.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been to this spot on Lake Winnie.  But amazingly the mind’s eye can capture and lock an image for a long, long time.


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