Only a change of worlds….



On the death of a friend, we should consider that the fates through confidence have devolved on us the task of a double living, that we have henceforth to fulfill the promise of our friend’s life also, in our own, to the world.”                                          Henry David Thoreau

To be asked to let go of and say goodbye to a person we love and cherish … is perhaps the ultimate sacrifice in placing your entire heart and soul in the hands of that person. Because there are no guarantees to the length of time we are blessed with being together on this earth…we can only begin to love by wrapping ourselves in a blanket of hope and faith in order to take a first step and to move forward. To be able to give more and more love. And to expect nothing in return.

A mother’s first warm and loving introduction to her baby. A child holding his grandfather’s hand walking together in peaceful silence, believing in him more than anyone else. Meeting a brand new friend, someone you are intensely drawn to and you simply know you must move forward with because an instinct, a whisper tells you to.  Standing on the altar side by side with so much unknown and trusting that the years ahead will be held in the hands of the Divine. Walking with a friend you’ve known for years…a rooted, historical friendship from your neighborhood, your same summer vacation spot, your school….that special friend who you can tell anything to and one you will always feel safe and cared for with.

We move forward. We love and sometimes we are asked to pay that ultimate sacrifice by having to say goodbye. In late January, our community lost a very special young man. A 19-year-old boy, his life taken so unexpectedly, so tragically years and years way before his time. Noah had a brilliant future ahead and a beautiful face. A tremendous smile with a big giant heart to match. There simply are no words to share or write or sing….to capture the sadness and shock. Nothing will help heal the broken hearts of his family and friends but the passing of time. And a very long time it’ll be before any acceptance can be realized.

In TEAPOTS, Sophia must come to terms with the loss of someone she loved very much. In time she is able to see that her Memi is still very much with her…..she begins to receive and believe in the signs and the nudges and the whispers. We mustn’t minimize that those little hints and instincts really are gifts from those who have gone before us….those who wish to be a part of our lives still. In the only way they now can. Watch for the signs. Listen. Believe. A boy like Noah simply had too much more to offer and if you believe ….he will remain part of all that you do. And in this belief there do not have to be any goodbyes.  Just an acceptance and realization that there really is only “a change of worlds.” And in that there is the calm and hope that we are all connected through eternity…..

Death? There is no death — only a change of worlds.”  Chief Seattle

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