…In the midst of winter

photoIn the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.  And that makes me happy. For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there’s something stronger – something better, pushing right back.” Albert Camus

The month of February was dark, very cold (the coldest on record ever), very snowy, and has left many people storm weary and sad and with only an ember of hope left.  Tired to the bones.  Sick of it.  The famous quote above is a powerful one of perseverance and of fighting back and of strength.

Hearty New Englanders have experienced the dread of a wicked winter that simply has not let up. Even at this writing it is snowing…yet again.  We have lost count.  Is this the 20th snow storm?  They have all morphed together as one big endless storm interupting plans and causing havoc everywhere.  Even the joy of sledding and snowshoeing and the winter wonderland wore off weeks ago.

But around some corner somewhere is spring!  Even now…there are tiny little signs of spring and the inevitable turn to warmer days.  At 5 pm. when there’s been a rare sunny day, the sun is still shining.  Small sign, but one we can count on.  We change the clocks next week and therefore even more light….

We have spent the past four weeks in darkness.  For many this darkness was not only the physical element of sunrises and sunsets, but the aftermath of a very hard month.  There was sadness and loss for so many.  But light was shared and delivered and transferred to each other.

When we care for each other, there is light.  When we think of each other, there is light.  No one should ever try to get through this life alone.  Ever.  Welcome people to help you.  Try to anyway.  Many prefer to journey solo.  We aren’t really meant to.  Stretch out your hand and give it to someone.  Take someone’s hand when outstretched to you.

Four months from now the date on the calendar will read July 1.  The half way point of the year.  There will be warm sun.  There will be green grass and plentiful light.  In four months you will be in the invincible summer.  A ways to go, but believe you can get there… to hearing the waves crash on the beach, where you’ll search for sea glass and feel sticky with salt air.  And you’ll breathe that salt air in so deep that you’ll shake off any remnants of winter and sadness and despair.  And perhaps even feel hope…

One thought on “…In the midst of winter

  1. Please keep writing. Your insights are beautiful. Perhaps these blog posts are the seeds for the next book.

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