TEAPOTS … One year later

ry=400Today, March 21 is the one year anniversary of the publication of TEAPOTS. My mom was with me last year when the book was announced as published. She had just completed a one year battle with cancer and still now, is by the grace of God….here to enjoy life and family and her triumph….I’m always blessed and proud that she was right there with me when I got the news that TEAPOTS was on the threshold of being ushered out into the Universe!

Likewise, the character of Thomas in TEAPOTS is based in part on the lifelong friendship I have with Tommy…we met when we were kids age 5 or so. We had the treasure of living across the street from each other and all the joy of exploring and imagination and growing up in the mid 60’s to 70’s. His family owned a florist/greenhouses — All magically placed in our suburban neighborhood.  The magical years of weaving and traversing those greenhouses and the nooks and crannies “in back of the fence” where the farthest greenhouse was on the property bring the most vivid and striking memories to me.

Hours and days and weeks of imaginary play and friends spending time together with nothing more than the summer sun, freedom, and our imaginations.  Oh, and of course the day for example, the very large snapping turtle mystery began…..a future book for sure, a story to be told!!!  Tommy is an artist, a hero, a best friend and he suffers from ALS. He turned 54 last week. Every day is precious … I’m so glad he had TEAPOTS read to him last year! The friends in our lives from years and years ago hold a special place of honor I believe.

Thanks to all of you who continue to share and talk about TEAPOTS…a little book that so many have shared has helped them grasp loss and move on with the realization that those who have left before us simply can never be forgotten.  Blessings to all as the last of the snow (fingers crossed) peacefully falls today and bids a very long winter farewell……  In honor of old friends, departed friends, and those still with us….have a cup of tea today, sit quietly and give a thought or two to the little things in life that really matter…..

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